Today more than ever, we all need to come together. To combine our passion and dedication to bring about the change that can only happen when people are united in purpose.

On April 1st, 2019, United Way of Monroe County and Pocono Alliance merged to become the Pocono Mountains United Way, in an effort to better assist individuals and families in need in Monroe County through increased collaboration, efficiency and impact.

Your United Way is all about bringing people together to make our community a better place.

With so many new challenges threatening our community – from hunger and homelessness, to transportation and mental health. It’s important that together we fight for those living in poverty, so that they too can achieve their dreams.

With the help of organizational leaders, and our nationwide network of resources and shared best practices,  Pocono Mountains United Way will empower those who give — and those who receive – to create meaningful change in our community.

United Way can’t do it alone. Non-profits can’t do it alone. Companies, individuals or the government can’t do it alone. But together, more than ever, we can help those in need today, enjoy a better quality of life tomorrow.