Success in life begins with a quality education. And yet, millions of children and youth lack the support they need to strengthen their literacy, stay on track in school, graduate high school and find a career.

We’re fighting to shift the odds so tomorrow’s leaders can build a better foundation today. With an approach to education that spans from cradle to career, we’re ensuring every child gets a strong start in life, teenagers have the tools to learn and grow, and young adults thrive in the job market.

Healthy Start Early Childhood Screening

Supports children’s readiness for Kindergarten and promotes positive outcomes through referral to services where needed.

• 1,074 developmental, vision, hearing, dental and speech screenings provided in Fiscal Year 2020-2021
• 101 children received referrals for additional services – a 19% increase from last year’s referral rate

SMILE In-Home Mentoring Program

Supports children and their families - in their home environment - to reach their full potential and enter school ready to succeed.

• 24 children and their families received 717 hours of mentoring in Fiscal Year 2020-2021
• Participating children showed a 47% increase on their developmental evaluation and 11% increase in evaluation of home environment

Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC)

Tax credit program providing scholarships for children, whose families are income-eligible, to attend high-quality Pre-K through grade 12 schools. The program also supports summer learning for 284 children in grades K-5.

• $69,000 in contributions from the business community
• 10 scholarships awarded for Pre-K and 11 scholarships awarded for K-12