ESASD Partnering with PMUW & ALA to Combat Student Vaping

June 16, 2023

East Stroudsburg Area School District is part of the American Lung Association’s Vape-Free Schools Initiative

Stroudsburg, PA – In an effort to combat expulsions due to vaping and the increasing youth vaping epidemic, East Stroudsburg Area School District (ESASD) recently signed on to be a part of the American Lung Association’s Vape-Free Schools Initiative through Pocono Mountains United Way.

Nearly 1.8 million kids in the United States began to use vapes in the past year. ESASD is dedicated to creating a healthier space for all students and setting them up for a lifetime of success, and that includes helping students live tobacco-free lives. As part of this initiative, East Stroudsburg Area School District revised their policy to prohibit all tobacco use, including e-cigarettes and any form of vaping, by students, staff, parents, and visitors.

The first phase of the partnership will allow up to 22 students, who were expelled this school year due to vaping, to start fresh during the next school year upon successful completion of the four, 50-minute sessions of INDEPTH® in June.

INDEPTH® (Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco and Health) is an alternative for students who face suspension for violating school vaping and tobacco use policies. As teens continue to get hooked on vaping, INDEPTH® is a supportive program that teaches students about nicotine dependence and establishing healthy boundaries, rather than focusing solely on punitive measures.

The INDEPTH® program will be integrated into the school policy beginning the next school year. In addition, members of the school district’s staff will also complete the American Lung Association’s training ‘Not-On-Tobacco’ to deliver tobacco intervention and cessation programs for students. East Stroudsburg Area School District is proud to take a step forward in supporting students, parents, and teachers in this new endeavor.

For more information about these programs, contact Nasaiah Hoskins at (570) 243-6682, email or learn more on our health page at