Meet Pamela Reincke – Sanofi Pasteur’s 2017 United Way Campaign Chair

March 1, 2018

“I feel so fortunate to work for a company that provides me with multiple opportunities to get involved in my community and to give back beyond my day-to-day work activities,” says Pam Reincke, Incentive Compensation Manager at Sanofi Pasteur in Swiftwater, PA. This year, Pam served as the Chair for the company’s internal United Way Workplace Campaign, which recently announced their campaign results, raising over a $250,000 for community service projects. “Sanofi Pasteur makes it easy for me to give to meaningful projects through payroll deduction, but beyond that, the company offers employees lots of opportunities to get involved in social services efforts, and connects me with meaningful projects in the community,” she adds.

Commitment to Community

Pam is no stranger to community service work. Born and raised in Michigan, Pam completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Michigan State. She then moved to the region to work at Lehigh Carbon Community College as Executive Assistant to the President, where she oversaw all Community Education Programs at the college, before joining Sanofi Pasteur nearly 20 years ago. Since that time, as Pam’s professional responsibilities have increased within Sanofi Pasteur, so too has her involvement in service projects to help those that are less fortunate in our community.

Pam has served (and continues to be actively involved) in multiple roles with her church; the Zion United Church of Christ in Stroudsburg. This has included everything from supporting their Leadership Development program to being a regular participant in the Relay for Life fundraiser.

Pam has also volunteered her time to support projects for several United Way partners, including:

  • participating in three home builds with Monroe County Habitat for Humanity;
  • assisting in providing meals and shelter to homeless families through Family Promise of Monroe County;
  • organizing donations of toiletries and basic supplies for homeless individuals in Monroe County; and
  • donating clothing and essentials to clients of Women’s Resources of Monroe County, and helping create awareness about domestic violence through Sanofi Pasteur’s Women Inspiring Sanofi Excellence (WISE) Employee Resource Group.

Commitment to United Way

Pam has been involved in Sanofi Pasteur’s internal United Way campaign since 2013. Since then, her leadership responsibilities for this critical component of Sanofi Pasteur’s overall Corporate Social Responsibility program have been increasing. This year Pam chaired the company’s entire workplace campaign, along with Stephanie Posse, Jen Kinsley, and Kathy Schwartz serving as co-chairs.

“Last year, when I attended United Way’s Campaign Report Meeting, I was truly inspired by the efforts of others in our community – including businesses, individuals, and of course students,” noted Pam. “Even at a young age, the commitment from children in our community to helping others and being part of the solution is truly inspiring. I try to have that mindset in my own life as well, as assisting others in need is everyone’s responsibility,” Pam says. “When I think of the hard work that United Way is doing – bringing people together to solve critical community problems like hunger, homelessness and access to affordable early childhood education – it is a real motivator.”

This year, through Pam’s leadership, over 620 Sanofi Pasteur colleagues supported the campaign through donations. Additionally, 85 employees participated in United Way’s Annual Day of Caring this year.

Taking a Team Approach

“What we do here at Sanofi Pasteur is truly a team effort,” says Pam. “This campaign would not have been possible without Campaign Vice Chairs Jennifer Kinsley, Stephanie Posse, Kathy Schwartz and Grace Tobin. I consider these ladies not only colleagues, but also friends. We worked hard to strive for results and be solution oriented as various challenges came our way.”

“Also, without the support from Sanofi Pasteur and Sanofi leadership, this would simply have been a non-starter,” adds Pam. “Frank Epifano and Ellyn Schindler are real champions to this cause – as well as other worthwhile community initiatives focused on helping those less fortunate in our community. We are really fortunate to have such leadership here at Sanofi Pasteur, which enables us to lead these important community projects.”

Sanofi Pasteur’s total United Way campaign of $251,525 raised this year includes employee donations, along with the assistance of a company match from both Sanofi Pasteur and the Sanofi Foundation for North America.