Tobacco and Vape-Free Initiatives

Not on Tobacco (N-O-T):
At our organization, we are proud to facilitate the American Lung Association’s Not on Tobacco (N-O-T) program. N-O-T is an evidence-based initiative specifically designed to assist young individuals in quitting tobacco and vaping. Through a comprehensive approach that combines behavioral support, education, and skills training, N-O-T provides the necessary tools and resources to empower youth to overcome their addiction and lead healthier lives. Our dedicated trainers are equipped to deliver high-quality training sessions, ensuring that participants gain the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement the program.

To learn more about the N-O-T program and how you can get involved, please visit N-O-T: Not On Tobacco—Proven Teen Smoking and Vaping Cessation Program | American Lung Association

Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco, and Health (INDEPTH):
At our organization, we also facilitate the American Lung Association’s Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco, and Health (INDEPTH) program offers a unique and impactful alternative to suspension for students struggling with nicotine addiction. We understand that addressing the root causes of addiction and providing comprehensive support are vital to improving students’ health outcomes. INDEPTH focuses on education and prevention strategies that empower students to make healthier choices and overcome their nicotine dependence. By working collaboratively with schools, parents, and community organizations, we create a supportive environment that encourages positive behavior change. Through tailored intervention plans, educational resources, and ongoing support, we aim to equip students with the necessary tools to break free from the cycle of addiction.

To learn more about the INDEPTH program and its impact, please visit INDEPTH: An Alternative to Teen Nicotine Suspension or Citation | American Lung Association

Clean Indoor Air Advocacy (CIAA):
We are passionate advocates for comprehensive clean indoor air (CIAA) policies that protect the health and well-being of all Pennsylvanians. Our mission is to create smoke-free environments in public spaces, workplaces, and multi-unit housing, ensuring that everyone has the right to breathe clean air free from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. Through education, awareness campaigns, and collaboration with lawmakers and community stakeholders, we aim to raise awareness about the benefits of CIAA policies and encourage their implementation. By supporting smoke-free initiatives, we strive to improve public health outcomes, reduce the prevalence of tobacco and vape use, and create healthier communities.

To learn more about our clean indoor air advocacy efforts and how you can support this cause, please visit Cleaning Up Indoor Air Pollution at Work | American Lung Association

Tobacco Resistance Unit (TRU):
The Tobacco Resistance Unit (TRU) is a vibrant and youth-led movement that empowers young individuals to resist tobacco and vaping. TRU members actively promote tobacco-free lifestyles among their peers through education, advocacy, and community engagement. By providing young people with the knowledge, skills, and support they need, TRU creates a powerful force for positive change. TRU chapters are established in schools and communities, enabling members to collaborate on initiatives, organize events, and drive awareness campaigns. Together, TRU members work towards creating a healthier future by reducing tobacco and vape use among young people. TRU is funded by a grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Health and managed by the Pennsylvania Alliance to Control Tobacco (PACT) and the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania.

To learn more about TRU, join a chapter, or support this impactful movement, please visit TRU in PA | Tobacco Resistance Unit

Multi-Unit Housing:
Our coalition workgroup focuses on creating tobacco and vape-free environments in multi-unit housing settings. We collaborate with stakeholders, including housing authorities, property managers, residents, and community organizations, to develop and implement policies that promote smoke-free living. Through educational campaigns, resources, and support, we aim to raise awareness about the benefits of smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing, such as improved air quality, reduced health risks, and increased quality of life for residents. By fostering dialogue, providing guidance, and sharing best practices, we help communities to navigate the process of adopting and implementing smoke-free policies. Our workgroup actively engages in research, policy development, and community outreach to ensure that residents in multi-unit housing have the opportunity to live in a healthy and smoke-free environment. By joining forces with us, you can contribute to creating lasting change and promoting the well-being of individuals and families residing in multi-unit housing.

To learn more about our efforts to promote smoke-free multi-unit housing and discover resources to support your community, please visit Smokefree Policies in Multi-Unit Housing | American Lung Association

Freedom from Smoking (FFS):
Our organization is dedicated to helping individuals achieve freedom from smoking through the American Lung Association’s comprehensive program called Freedom from Smoking (FFS). FFS provides a structured and evidence-based approach to smoking cessation, empowering individuals to quit smoking for good. Participants have access to support groups, educational materials, personalized quit plans, and resources to address the physical, emotional, and social aspects of tobacco addiction. The FFS program is designed to meet individuals where they are in their quitting journey, offering strategies and tools that have been proven effective in overcoming nicotine dependence. Whether you are a smoker ready to quit or a healthcare professional seeking resources for your patients, FFS can provide the guidance and support needed for success.

To learn more about the Freedom from Smoking program and access valuable resources, please visit Join Freedom From Smoking | American Lung Association