April 28, 2022

Stroudsburg, PA – As part of our eightieth anniversary event, Pocono Mountains United Way is looking to recognize 80 leaders, groups, organizations, and businesses that have made an impact on Monroe County.

“Recognizing 80 honorees is a great way to thank those who are doing impactful work, or have been for years, to make Monroe County a better place to live for all,” said Michael Tukeva, President/CEO of Pocono Mountains United Way.

The honorees will be recognized at the eightieth anniversary event set for Saturday, September 24 at Kalahari Resort and Conventions in Pocono Manor. For consideration, an honoree must show a contribution to the community in the areas of education, childcare, health, workforce development or financial stability, leadership, community advocacy, volunteerism, or business development. Nominees can be living or deceased, and individuals, groups or organizations will be considered.

“Our community has been greatly enriched by the groups, leaders, and businesses we have had in the history of Monroe County. The success of our community has been because of the extraordinary acts of those who stepped up to make an investment in these areas and make Monroe County better for future generations. They have all made a difference to improve lives in their own ways, and we intend to honor them at our celebration dinner,” Tukeva said.

The community is invited to make online submissions for consideration via Pocono Mountains United Way’s website at

Pocono Mountains United Way engages and mobilizes resources to improve lives through accelerated community change.