Collective Impact

June 30, 2017

Monroe County’s Quality of Life was recently ranked 65 out of 67 Pennsylvania counties according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Ranks. It’s hard to believe that a community full of natural scenic beauty, an abundance of outdoor recreation, and a booming tourism industry would be ranked so low. But, where we reign supreme is the longest commute in America as some 20,000 East Stroudsburg residents take to Route 80 to work in New York City resulting not only in a poor quality of life but brings a host of other problems to our community as well.

The United Way of Monroe County is implementing a new strategy to take on the complex problem that has forced many residences to travel outside of the area for living wage jobs: Collective Impact.

Collective impact occurs when organizations from different sectors agree to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda, aligning their efforts, and using common measures of success. Based on an evidence-based approach to achieving change, “Collective Impact” requires five specific elements:

  • A Common Agenda
  • A Shared Measurement Strategy
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities
  • Continuous and Regular Communication and
  • A Backbone Support Organization to ensure the integrity and of the effort.

Evidence from across the country has demonstrated that through this approach, amazing results can be achieved. United Way can’t do it alone. Non-profits can’t do it alone. Companies, individuals or the government can’t do it alone. But together, more than ever, we can help those in need today, enjoy a better quality of life tomorrow. For more information on our Impact Initiatives check out our Initiatives Page. If you are interested in getting involved in these initiatives, contact Jen Strauch.