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Individual giving

With your donation, “what if” becomes “what is.” Along with thousands of other contributions, your gift becomes part of a strong, financial resource specifically created to support health and human service programs in Monroe County. Please consider making a contribution today.


Leadership Giving

United Way’s Leadership Donors inspire others in our community to support our community. Leadership donors contribute $500 or more annually to United Way and are recognized at events throughout the year and in our Annual Leadership Report.


Tocqueville Society

To encourage philanthropic action and voluntary community service in our community, United Way’s Tocqueville Society is made up of extraordinary philanthropists who give $10,000 or more annually to United Way. Named after Alexis de Tocqueville – one of America’s greatest historical philanthropists, Pocono Mountains United Way’s Tocqueville Society offers flexible strategies for giving across our community, and unique and inspiring opportunities for philanthropists to network with leaders from across the region, state and country. To learn more about this exciting group, contact Michael Tukeva at (570) 517-3955 or through our contact form here.


Workplace campaigns

Whether your business is large or small, Pocono Mountains United Way can help your company to fulfill your corporate social responsibilities goals. There are many ways to give back to your community that are also good for your business:

  • Make a corporate donation, sponsor an event, or hold your own fundraiser Hold a Workplace Campaign, giving employees the opportunity to withhold small amounts from each paycheck, which results in a meaningful annual contribution to a cause that is most meaningful to them. For more information about running a workplace campaign, check out our Campaign Toolkit.
  • If you already host a Workplace Campaign, consider matching employee donations to encourage giving, increase employee’s positive association with your company, and to demonstrate your dedication to collective action towards the issue that matter most to your staff.
  • Coordinating a workplace campaign at your office
  • Integrate “social good” into your Team Building and Leadership Development programs for your staff. Through organized group volunteer opportunities, placing staff into leadership roles within your internal campaign, or creating “fun”-draisers to build local morale, United Way can help you engage your employees through efforts that align with your social and corporate goals. Contact Monica Cravotta at (570) 261-8010, or through our contact form, here.

If you are an employee of a workplace participating in a United Way Campaign, and you want to make your pledge, fill in your online pledge form by clicking “Pledge now.”

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