The ReDCo Group – Behavioral Health Services- Pocono Region

The ReDCo Group, a subsidiary of Pathways, is a licensed human service provider offering a diverse continuum of community-based programs. ReDCo’s philosophy of service delivery focuses on linking resources with community needs. The spectrum of activities offered by ReDCo includes oversight of public transportation, comprehensive care for developmentally disabled persons, a full array of behavioral health activities, workforce development and child with family unification services. ReDCo has developed expertise in workforce readiness and employer assistance. Funding is provided through the federal Workforce Investment Act. The Commonwealth has established community centers known as CareerLinks, which cluster the following services: Access to state unemployment benefits; youth career resources; services for persons with employment disabilities; and access to public welfare. Services for persons with intellectual disabilities includes multiple levels of community residential, day habilitation and behavior management services. The behavioral health treatment programs offer a variety of treatment levels for individuals and families under the supervision of a psychiatrist. While the children and family services provide supports and assistance necessary to enhance family relationships and functionality.

564 Main Street 2nd Floor, Stroudsburg, PA 18360

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Monday- Friday 8:30 am- 5 pm


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