The Older Adult Learning Community – TOALC

The Older Adult Learning Community is a community organization dedicated to the philosophy that learning should be a lifelong endeavor and to the belief that continuous educational pursuits in retirement contribute to the quality of life. We are an independent community organization that offers a number of diversified courses geared to the interests of its members covering such topics as art, history, finance, health, sports, philosophy and writing. The courses offered are limited only to the interest and imagination of its members. The benefits of participants in The Older Adult Learning Community include: The sheer joy of learning without the pressure associated with term papers and exams The opportunity to interact with people who share a commonality of interests The opportunity to explore unfamiliar subjects and broaden horizons The opportunity to realize the unique satisfaction that exploring new ideas and experiences generates

55 Smith St. , East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Hours of Operation
Office hours 9:30am-11:30am weekdays - classes are held during daylight hours.


Emergency Phone