Rainbow Youth

Rainbow Youth is an all volunteer, community service organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning youth ages 14 to 22. We have been operating in the Pocono Mountains region since 2001. Our activiites consist of movies, discussions, social events, and occasional field trips. In addition, youth group gatherings/events from all GSAs in the area are also planned several times a year. The diversity edcuation program of Rainbow Youth leads meetings that are held 3 times a year with the various GSA group leaders in the area in order to support and share ideas on how to make their GSAs more successful. Also, yearly educational workshops designed for educators, counselors and health care professionals in the educational and health care settings are led by top educators in the field and sponsored by Rainbow Youth.

100 Welsh Park Dr, , Rochville, MD 20850

Hours of Operation
Youth meetings held monthly. Email for more information.


Emergency Phone