Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

The PA Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) was created by the General Assembly in 1972 to provide more affordable housing for older adults, families of modest means and persons with disabilities, the Agency has financed more than 100,000 houses and 56,000 apartment units while saving 29,000 homes from forclosure. PHFA’s funding comes from a variety of sources; including the sale of its own securities to private investors throughout the United States; and, program fees and funds that may be passed through from the state or federal governments. Agency expenses are paid from fee and investment income; part of the investment earnings are used to subsidize housing programs. Housing Programs: Homeowner’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance Multifamily Rental Housing Development PENNVEST – Individual On-Lot Sewage System Loans Single Family Homeownership

211 N. Front Street , Harrisburg, PA 17105

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Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm


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