PA Public Utility Commission – Utility Choice

The Utility Choice Program helps to educate Pennsylvania consumers about the benefits of competition. Pennsylvanians can choose their local telephone carrier, natural gas supplier and electricity supplier. Consumers can learn how to shop; calculate potential savings online; receive answers to frequently asked questions; get pricing information; and learn about the basic consumer protection. Pennsylvania consumers may have the opportunity to choose who generates their electricity, supplies their natural gas and provides their local telephone service. In 1996, the electricity market in Pennsylvania was deregulated and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an Order that established competition in the local telephone market. Competition for all gas customers in Pennsylvania began November 1, 1999, after House Bill 1331 became law (Act 21). Act 21 allows all gas customers the option of purchasing natural gas services from a natural gas supplier, just as customers currently purchase electricity from an electric supplier under the Electric Choice Program.

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