PA Housing Search is a free, online rental and homeownership service that links people who need housing with the housing they need. We hope it helps you make a more informed decision when exploring your housing options. This web resource provides… •FREE searching and listing of rental housing and program-related homes for sale •Detailed listings that can include pictures, maps, eligibility requirements (if applicable), and information about nearby amenities such as hospitals and schools •Simple and detailed search options that are easy to use •Helpful tools, including an affordability calculator, rental checklist, and information about renters’ rights and responsibilities •Housing information that is updated daily to keep it relevant •A resource for families displaced during times of disaster

Charlotte, NC 28201

Hours of Operation
Website available 24 hours / Toll Free helpline availabe Monday - Friday 9am - 8 pm

1-877-428-8844 (Toll Free Helpline - bilingual operators available)

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