Website, NeedyMeds is the place to learn about patient assistance programs and other programs designed to help those who can’t afford their medicines. There is help available for the many millions of people who have no insurance and can’t afford to purchase their medicines. NeedyMeds is not a program. It’s an information source. NeedyMeds can help individuals with their specific problems. We are only an information source. Many people are unaware that most pharmaceutical companies have FREE drug programs for the financially needy. The typical guidelines are single income under $16,000 and married income under $25,000, but each drug company has their own rules. This is how to get your applications for FREE brand name (only) meds: -Go to our website, -On the left side click on Program List. -The find the name of your prescription and click on it. If the drug is available, you will get a toll-free number of the pharmaceutical company that distributes the drug. Call and order the application. Your doctor must sign it also and match a prescription of the medicine from your doctor. You will receive the medicine (3 month supply typically) and you can pick them up at your doctor’s office. -You can usually re-apply every 3 months, so you never run out! For those who have no access to a computer, order PhRMA Directory at 1-800-762-4636.

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