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Supporting Renters Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

United Way Provides Access to Resources & Information June 4, 2020 – Although the Pocono Mountains is showing significant improvement in its COVID-19 numbers, the need for assistance in the community will continue .. Read more

Open Letter on Racial Injustice

There has been an ache in our hearts and tears in our eyes…and now, a proverbial pen in my hand. The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have exposed the stark reality of racial injustice .. Read more

Eight Non-profits Receive Relief Funds

Grants benefit homeless individuals, homebound seniors, students & more Eight non-profits in Monroe County can continue serving our community through the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to financial assistance from Pocono .. Read more

Generous Donations Support Our Community Through C0VID-19

Contributions to Crisis Response Fund Reach $100K and Counting March 26, 2020 – During this time of uncertainty and need, local businesses, companies, foundations and individuals are stepping up to help their communit .. Read more

Letter from CEO Michael Tukeva Regarding COVID-19

Coronavirus: What We Are Doing  By Michael Tukeva, President & CEO, Pocono Mountains United Way My grandfather once said, “There are two kinds of people, cowards and heroes. Cowards do nothing. Heroes do some .. Read more

Grant Money to Help Hundreds During COVID-19 Crisis

Pocono Mountains United Way COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund March 18, 2020 – Pocono Mountains United Way has been working hard to establish its COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund. This initiative aims to rapidly deploy resou .. Read more

Sanofi Donates $40K to United Way’s Bridges Out of Poverty Program

Stroudsburg, PA – Pocono Mountains United Way received a $40,000 contribution from Sanofi for the Bridges Out of Poverty Program. “We are very grateful for Sanofi’s continued support of the Bridges Out of Povert .. Read more